Open Concrete Wall Construction Technology

Open concrete wall construction Technology is not limit to just one technique. The theories and principles behind construction technology are unique. The design uses existing methods and materials to provide total flexibility. The methods discuss below describe just one of several design models create and provide examples of applications that must be modify to meet local codes and personal technology hub

Wrap-and-strap open concrete wall construction technology

This method is ideal for craftsmen because it is easy to apply and the thermal envelope of buildings can be easily maintained. It consists of a primary frame, which is the structural skeleton of the building, constructed using standard platform structure techniques. The entire building is then wrap in polyethylene. Then another non-structural skin is attach to the exterior. Which is insulate and finish. This type of open concrete wall construction technology is use to upgrade existing construction technology from two to four in watertight and over-insulate houses.

Open concrete wall construction technology platform

Deck Construction Technological methods require framing carpenters to not only make the structural framing. But also to install windows, doors, insulation, air / vapor barrier, exterior moisture barrier. Sometimes exterior surfaces when used in concrete wall panels.

This method has been used for the prefabrication of exterior concrete walls in sections that are easy to handle by four workers. It is very effective for consumers who are not familiar with structural design but want to build their own home. It is also a much faster method because the building can be built from the factory elsewhere. Ship and built with a vapor barrier, insulation, electricity, interior surfaces, windows, doors and siding already install. A unique possibility of this method is the ability of the structure to divide and move into sections. This would have ideal applications for modifications and additions or for panel repair / replacements.

Precast concrete wall construction technology is do in larger sections eight feet long and smaller sections. It is in one-, two-, or four-foot divisions. The corner units are design to allow for different thicknesses of exterior concrete walls. Concrete wall heights include the thickness above the floor to maintain interior ceiling heights of seven feet six inches to nine feet.

Foundation Of construction Technology

When constructing the foundations for concrete wall Construction Technology objects, it is important to use the proper materials and consider using a high, compacted footing. Whether you use a granular base, a full-height concrete base. A base and base to lift the concrete wall joint. The base panels cannot be fill more than three and a half feet back. More than this and the structural integrity of the concrete wall will be compromise.

Concrete foundation walls should also be built with slabs of at least two to eight inches. It is to avoid lateral slab failures cause by earth pressure. The base plate is made of pressure-treat material. In addition, Which is approximately one centimeter smaller than entreat construction technology lumber. Because of this, the internal structural joints of two to three concrete walls Construction Technology should exceed. The slab by approximately one-quarter inch. Exterior concrete wall decoration can be make from economy grade. Moreover, Number three lumber as long as it is pressure treat to resist rot. The horizontal stabilizer in economic quality and the remaining plates in the uprights are entreat wood.

Frame of concrete walls

The frame interior of two to three concrete walls is built first. It is construct of smooth frame nails with the stud on sixteen-inch centers. In addition, The concrete wall section is square and secure to prevent it from shifting. A polyethylene air / vapor barrier is place on top. The edges folded over the exterior elements of the concrete wall and staple on the exterior. Do not attach the air / vapor barrier to the edges of the plates or pins, this will only make irreparable holes in it. Moreover, The corner sections require the air / vapor retarder to wrap around the corner piece of the interior concrete wall. In this regard, it is necessary to ensure that sufficient air / vapor barrier remains to provide a surface to seal in the interconnecting sections.

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